Varicose Veins

More than 23 percent of adults are thought to be affected by varicose veins. When faulty valves in the veins allow blood to flow the wrong direction, veins become enlarged, swollen, and twisted.

Apart from cosmetic embarrassment, you might experience discomfort, heaviness of the legs or aching. Fight these symptoms naturally with HillVital products for varicose veins and leg swelling.

Varikoflex Cream – varicose vein treatment 250 ml


For varicose veins, leg pain and swelling. High concentration of horse chestnut and other 12 natural herbs helps bring relief from swelling, inflammation and helps strengthen the walls of veins.

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Varikoflex Cream – treat varicose veins with this all-natural formula


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Tea Flex - herbal tea for varicose veins 150g


For natural herbal treatment of varicose veins. Mixture of properly selected 5 herbs helps heal from within and thus treat varicose veins, tighten venous membranes and improve vein elasticity.

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Vitaflex- Vitamin pack 30 sachets


Complex vitamin pack for varicose veins. Unique combination of healing plants and food supplements strengthen veins and provide them with elasticity. Our vitamin combination strengthens venous membranes.

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Varicose veins bundle

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Unique pack for varicose veins, swelling, leg pain associated with veins and ‘heavy’ legs. Unique mixture of healing herbs relieves inflammation, pain, swelling and strengthens venous walls.

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If varicose veins are large, they can be removed surgically. Other treatments include sclerotherapy, laser treatment, ligation or stripping. Unless you have a severe condition of varicose veins, you can take preventive measures and stop the veins from worsening.

Herbal treatment of varicose veins

Natural products HillVital have helped thousands of customers reduce symptoms of varicose veins and eliminate pain and swelling as they contain the most potent herbs and natural extracts ideal for alternative treatment.

Varikoflex Balsam contains Horse Chestnut which is high in aescin. Aescin is proven to effectively reduce some symptoms of poor blood circulation, such as varicose veins, pain, swelling in the legs, tiredness itching, and water retention.

A topical balsam, Varikoflex, contains a high amount of horse chestnut along with other 12 herbal extracts that form a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial formula to help relieve inflammation and swelling, reduce pain and strengthen venous walls and capillaries.

Natural relief for achy, swollen, and heavy legs and ankles

Free from artificial colours, perfumes, parabens or petroleum, Varikoflex Balsam is fast-absorbing, non-greasy and has a pleasant natural aroma. Varikoflex can help you tackle pain, swelling and inflammation associated with formation and symptoms of varicose veins. Herbal topical cream works by alleviating pain and swelling, improving blood flow and strengthening venous walls.

Internal Support

Herbs provide effective internal support in your treatment of varicose veins. Herbal blend Tea Flex contains potent herbs such as Raspberry leaves, Blackberry leaves, Blueberry leaves, Pot Marigold and Wild Pansy to relieve swelling and inflammation and strengthen venous walls.

Detox and reduce swelling with HillVital herbal tea blend - Tea Flow. Unique and diuretic tea will help eliminate water retention, reduce joint swelling and cleanse the kidneys.

Do you have a history of varicose veins? Long-term conditions require a sufficient amount of vitamins. Vitaflex - a complex vitamin pack contains just the right combination of vitamins to strengthen veins and venous membranes and stimulate regeneration and healing.

In case your varicose veins are in the rectum area, try Aurumflex balzam. The natural composition of Aurumflex effectively helps with haemorrhoids.