Spondylosis usually affects the elderly. As we age, our bodies go through changes that lead to irreversible damage. Higher age brings degenerative processes. Spondylosis is back deformation. Spondylosis affects vertebrae, discs, joints, muscles.


Master Cream - back pain 250 ml

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For back pain and musculoskeletal problems. Unique herbal extracts along with 12 potent herbs that can contribute to relieving pain, swelling, inflammation and promoting spinal mobility.

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Kapsamax Cream - stiff muscles and joints 250 ml

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Stiff muscles and joints? Our balsam helps improve blood circulation and its warming properties provide muscles with desired relief. Balsam helps eliminate pain and soothe stiff joints and muscles.

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Tea Go - joints, rheumatism, arthritis 150g


For regeneration of joints, cartilage, and tissues. Herbal composition helps heal aching joints, rheumatism, arthrosis, and helps treat musculoskeletal diseases and support post-injury regeneration.

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Vitago - Vitamin pack for healthy body 30 sachets

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Vitamin pack for problems with joints, back, musculoskeletal system, rheumatism, arthrosis, osteoporosis, gout and others. An intense monthly treatment with the finest vitamins, minerals and extracts.

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Stop joint and back pain bundle

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Value pack for joints and back is ideal for those that encounter pain when conducting ordinary activities. Is conventional treatment not helping you? Unique value pack STOP pain contains best-selling Master Balsam and herbal tea blend Tea GO.

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Products for back pain and related issues

Kapsamax balsam

Kapsamax, with the main ingredient capsaicin, is one of the most useful sources found in nature that can be used to bring relief from back or limb pain. Kapsamax is especially helpful in bringing relief from paresthesias. These are often caused by pressure on the peripheral nerves, in case of radiculopathy, spinal nerve roots. They manifest themselves in pinching, stinging, numbness, insensitivity and the like. Kapsamax helps eliminate these stages, increase blood flow in the dermatome area or the area of a peripheral nerve.

Kapsamax brings:

  • Relief from muscle tension,
  • Increased blood flow,
  • Sensitivity to numb areas,
  • Active healing substances to fight numbness, tingling, pinching
  • Relief from different paresthesias, symptoms of nerve compression.

Master balsam

Master balsam is an excellent complement to Kapsamax. Even though both of these balsams have positive effects on the musculoskeletal system, their herbal composition is quite different.

Master balsam has many benefits:

  • Positively affects muscles and joints
  • Contains 12 herbs
  • The unique herbal combination brings relief to muscles, joints, and back
  • The application brings relief from cervical pain, lumbar pain or flank pain
  • Master balsam is a number 1 product among our customers. It has received a significant number of customer reviews for its healing effects and pain relief.


An excellent product for those that suffer from back pain. Vitamin pack Vitago contains natural extracts designed for providing support to muscles and joints and offering help and regeneration during the treatment of musculoskeletal problems.

It contains chondroprotectives (glucosamine, chondroitin), which are fundamental joint nutrition supplements. In addition to herbal extracts, Vitago also contains omega-three fatty acids. All these ingredients are concentrated in a few capsules that make up a sachet. Vitago contains 30 sachets which represent an intense one-month treatment.

Tea Go

Tea Go recipe was formulated to relieve and regenerate muscles, joints, and bones and provide support to the musculoskeletal system as a whole. Herbs such as angelica, meadowsweet, and nettle can with regular use bring pleasant relief from unpleasant stages caused by excess pressure and muscle fatigue.

Spondylosis causes

The leading cause of spondylosis is changes in the spine that come with age. There is a high percentage of people above the age of 40 that suffer from this disease. This number can be as high as 80%. You can experience the first symptoms of these degenerative changes as early as at 20.

Genetic predisposition is a leading cause of spondylosis. If someone in your family suffers from spondylosis, there is a high probability of someone else getting it too. Spondylosis can also be caused by a back injury, a fall or by mechanical trauma.

Changes typical for spondylosis usually happen due to mechanical trauma, e.g., a herniated disc. Wear of these plates leads to weakening, narrowing, and drying of the joint fluid.

Disc and joint tissue regression causes individual bones to come into contact, broadly limiting mobility, causing pain and leading to bone growths - osteophytes.

All of these already mentioned phenomena typical for spondylosis can oppress spinal nerve roots which in turn leads to paresthesias (tingling, numbness, pinching) and pain in various places.

This often leads to spinal stenosis, which means narrowing of the spinal canal and also oppressing the nerve roots.

Spondylosis types

Spondylosis can develop in any place of the spine, most often affecting the cervical and lumbar area. The thoracic area can be affected, as well. Different spondylosis names come from the position of the spine that is affected, e.g., cervical, lumbar, or lumbar-sacral spondylosis.

Spondylosis symptoms

The main spondylosis symptoms are:

  • Back pain (cervical, lumbar)
  • a feeling of muscle stiffness after a long time spent without moving, at rest
  • Trepidation and insensitivity of different parts of the musculoskeletal system (shoulders, arms, legs)
  • Muscle weakness in arms and legs
  • headaches
  • Problems with balance

Diagnosing spondylosis

Radiology is one of the most frequently used methods for diagnosing spondylosis. Most often, it is an X-ray examination (X-ray).

In many cases, X-ray images of the patient's back will show degenerative changes typical for spondylosis, but the patient does not experience any personal health problems.

Other methods, such as computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), are also available. When suspecting neurological damage, electromyography (EMG) is used.

Spondylosis treatment

Spondylosis is a degenerative spinal disease that is practically irreversible. The goal of the treatment is to relieve spondylosis symptoms, slow down degenerative processes, or prevention. Analgesics are usually used for pain relief. In case analgesics aren't helping, and the patient is experiencing chronic non-subsiding pain, the doctor can choose "more powerful" drugs.

He or she has available both weak and robust opiates, which can be of danger to the patient.

In addition to pain relief drugs, doctors prescribe so-called muscle relaxants for muscle relief.

In recent years, chronic pain treatments are using antidepressants. Spondylosis treatment can also include physiotherapy to relieve pain. It's recommended to exercise at home and practice exercises that strengthen the back muscles.

Walking around or practicing yoga can be helpful, as well. The goal of these exercises is to strengthen weakened muscles, stabilize spinal balance, and improve spinal mobility.

Most patients react well to nonsurgical treatment. Cases, where the patient avoids surgery altogether, are quite common. In general, there are only a couple of critical conditions where the surgery is inevitable.

It happens:

  • When the pressure put on the spine causes the patient bladder problems
  • With spinal stenosis
  • With a serious neurological condition

There are many ointments and creams on the market. What varies is the composition. You can find cosmetics from pharmaceutical companies that place their bet on synthetic actives. HillVital chose a different route. With careful selection and combination of natural ingredients, we formulate balsams with profound effects and composition that is far from chemical additives that have the potential to harm the user.