Rosacea and couperose

Extremely sensitive skin prone to redness? Blood vessels on the face becoming more and more visible? Rosacea and couperose will not only cause you skin trouble but may also cause health problems. These skin diseases are often accompanied by red spots on the face, intense itching and painful pinching.

Get rosacea and couperose under control and prevent the spread of these diseases. Your skin needs high quality skincare. Purely natural HillVital products for rosacea and couperose offer help based on the presence of active substances and precious herbal extracts.

Psorisoft targets red spots on the skin caused by rosacea or couperose with high quality aloe vera. This herbal balsam helps strengthen and protect the skin. Soothing cream with light texture absorbs quickly and neutralizes strongly visible blood vessels.

Skin problems such as rosacea and couperose erupt due to the system being over oxygenated and out of balance.

Improve your skincare with internal support.

Internal harmony can be achieved with green drink Klorofitt. It protects the hypersensitive skin against unwanted effects of the environment and supplies it with vitamins, minerals and super nutritious chlorophyll. Skin that is well-nourished heals rosacea and couperose on its own. Internal detoxification will help cleanse the biggest body organ - skin.

Get the basic support for your skin with quality dosage of vitamin complex Vitamins A+D to nourish, regenerate and support the skin’s texture.

Experience our handmade HillVital soaps which in addition to cleansing bring healing and soothing to the skin. We recommend 3 unique soaps for rosacea and couperose.

Soap with Marigold helps heal wounds and reduce inflammation of the skin. Marigold is exceptional and popular for its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties. Herbal soap also helps soothe itchy and pinching skin.

Soap with Nettle on the other hand supports resistance of extremely sensitive skin against bacteria.

Problems with acne and pimples can be solved with activated charcoal. Soap with activated charcoal makes the skin smooth and soft while binding toxins and impurities that cover the face.

Psorisoft Balsam for rosacea 250 ml

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Tea Soft - for eczema and psoriasis 150g


Tea for eczema and psoriasis. Natural composition of 7 properly selected herbs helps start the process of natural regeneration of the skin from within. Made of the finest herbs that nature offers.

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Anti-inflammatory Handmade Soap with Marigold 95 g


Marigold soap reduces inflammation, swelling and reddening of the skin. Our soap helps heal wounds as it gently softens, calms and hydrates the skin. 100% natural without added perfumes or parabens.

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Soap with Activated Charcoal for acne 95 G


Natural therapy against acne. Acneic skin full of pimples requires proper treatment that does not burden the skin. Our black soaps full of activated charcoal may exceed all your expectations.

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Allergen-free soap with sea salt 95 g


Soap with sea salt for allergic people gently cleanses and has antiseptic detoxifying effects. It treats even the most sensitive skin as it does not contain essential oils or allergens.

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Vitasoft - vitamin pack for eczema and psoriasis 30 sachets


Vitamin pack for eczema and psoriasis. It contains vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts that supply the skin with necessary ingredients which nourish the skin and help with natural regeneration.

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Vitamins A + D for beautiful skin, nails and hair 60 capsules


A, D vitamins for autoimmune skin diseases (psoriasis, seborrhea, atopic eczema). Vitamin combination significantly contributes to healthy skin, strong hair and nails, and improved immunity.

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KloroFitt - Innovation in liver and kidney detoxication


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Signs of rosacea or couperose

Rosacea begins with redness in the face. On rare occasions, it can spread onto the neck and chest. Redness can be accompanied by enlarged vessels, heat waves and scaling. The next stage brings acne and pimples. Thickened skin and skin growths appear at later stages. Growths on the nose create an onion looking shape. At any stage, rosacea causes burning, itching and swelling.

Couperose is a certain form of rosacea. It comes slowly and can be quite intense. You will recognize couperose on the face by spotting enlarged blood vessels. They create a unique web and further spreading depends on and varies from person to person. These vessels are mostly visible in the nose, cheek bone and cheek area. More serious stages of couperose affect the whole face.

Treatment of rosacea and couperose

Rosacea and couperose treatment aims to control the symptoms. This is usually achieved with a combination of skincare with a cream for rosacea and subscribed drugs. The length of rosacea and couperose treatment can vary. Patients are usually prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory steroids. Laser therapy or the right rosacea cream can solve the problem.

When suffering from rosacea and couperose avoid...

If you suffer from rosacea or couperose, avoid saunas or thermal baths. They support blood circulation which only promotes spreading of rosacea and couperose. Do not use aggressive means such as soaps or micellar waters. Avoid products with alcohol. Intense sunshine can also be rosacea trigger. Use sunscreens with UV factors of at least 30. Add hats to your outfits. In winter, use scarves or take preventive measures against the wind. Start using sensitive make-up and avoid frequent touching of skin affected with rosacea.

Rosacea and couperose diet

Consumption of foods that contain refined sugar, white flour, processed vegetable oils, artificial sweeteners and conservants only feeds rosacea and couperose. You should also avoid fried and sweet meals. They promote blood circulation which then leads to further redness. Alcohol can also have adverse effects. You should also avoid coffee, tea and hot cocoa as these drinks increase body temperature and worsen rosacea and couperose.

Try to consume anti-inflammatory foods and spices that can alleviate the symptoms of rosacea and couperose (cauliflower, cucumber, poultry). Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids will also help. Probiotic foods (yoghurt, kefir, sauerkraut) and fiber-rich foods (banana, leek, garlic, whole grain foods) are irreplaceable as well.

There are certain diet rules one should keep during rosacea/couperose treatment, however it is up to each one of us to see what causes us trouble. This requires time and careful self-observation. Rosacea and couperose develop slowly over time so be ready to expect that treatment will take some time as well.