Psorisoft for seborrhea 250 ml

A natural remedy for seborrhea, our Psorisoft Cream is packed with organic ingredients that can soothe your seborrhea symptoms and help clear your skin.

Herbal Remedies Used

Aloe vera, Scotch Pine, Arnica Montana, Juniper, Common Yarrow, Eucalyptus, Thyme, Lavender, Chamomile, Common Sage, Rosemary, Pot Marigold


Aqua, Isopropyl Myristate, Polyglyceryl - 3 Stearate/citrate, Glycerín, Aloe vera gel, Cetyl alcohol, Calendula Officinalis oil, Ichtiol, Benzyl alcohol, Pinus Sylvestris extract, Xanthan Gum, Arnica Montana extract, Chamomilla Recutita Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis Oil, Juniperus Communis Oil, Lavandula Officinalis Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Oil, Salvia Officinalis Oil, Thymus Vulgaris Oil, Chamomilla Recutita Oil, Citric Acid

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Psorisoft cream for seborrhea symptoms

A topical cream, this natural seborrhea treatment contains a blend of 11 herbs that form a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial formula, helping to alleviate discomfort and prevent the recurrence of symptoms.

The ingredients include aloe vera, which helps restore the skin’s natural moisture balance, thyme to reduce inflammation and both lavender and chamomile, which help speed the healing of wounds.


    Made from 100% natural, organic ingredients, this seborrhea treatment cream does not contain any artificial colours, perfumes, parabens or petroleum, which can irritate sensitive seborrhea-prone skin.

    Fast-absorbing and non-greasy, Psorisoft can tackle seborrhea problem areas the natural way, providing relief from itching and reducing inflammation. The topical cream works by soothing and moisturising the skin as well as stimulating cell repair and regeneration.


    • Instant and lasting itch relief
    • A reduction in redness and swelling
    • Soothed, conditioned and moisturised skin
    • A fast-absorbing, non-greasy formula
    • Stimulated cell repair and cell regeneration
    • Help in preventing the recurrence of seborrhea
    • A pleasant natural smell
    • 100% natural ingredients – no artificial scents or colours
    • No side effects
    • A significant improvement in the overall health and condition of your skin

    Seborrhea is packed with natural ingredients to create a unique blend that treats the various symptoms of seborrhea, from itchy, inflamed skin, to dryness and cracking.


    One of those key ingredients is aloe vera, long espoused by scientists for its therapeutic properties.

    In fact, a study of 60 psoriasis patients in 1996, comparing a cream containing 0.5% aloe vera with a placebo cream, found that those treated with aloe vera saw a marked improvement in their chronic skin condition.

    Their symptoms of itchy and peeling skin decreasing significantly and patients using the plant compound report that the positive effects of using aloe vera have lasted even a year after the treatment.

    Psorisoft uses four times the amount of aloe vera used in the famous 1996 experiment and combines it with 11 other natural and active herbs to create a powerful natural remedy to treat the symptoms of psoriasis.

    100% NATURAL

    Not only is Psorisoft made with 100% natural, organic ingredients, it is also free of artificial colours, perfumes, parabens and petroleum.

    Psorisoft works to replenish lost oils and moisture from the skin and helps alleviate psoriasis symptoms such as itching and inflammation. Moreover, thanks to its unique advanced formula, Psorisoft is not an irritant, which is vital to those suffering from seborrhea.

    Psorisoft cream is a natural seborrhea treatment and can also treat the skin condition psoriasis. It is suitable for dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

    The advanced formula blends powerful natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to calm itchy, dry and cracked skin. Psorisoft's powerful ingredients help treat seborrhea as well as providing instant and lasting relief for severely dry, itchy and irritated skin.

    There are no harsh chemicals, so it is also suitable for use on sensitive skin and in the treatment of children's eczema.

  • Usage and Active Ingredients

    Herbs Used in Our Products

    • Aloe Vera - pain, inflammation, healing, the joints and bones.
    • Scotch Pine - inflammation, healing, pain relief.
    • Arnica montana - inflammation, disinfection (used in injuries, swellings, bruise).
    • Juniper - rheumatoid arthritis and joint pain.
    • Eucalyptus - antiseptic effects, inflammation.
    • Thyme - pain and disinfection.
    • Lavender - swelling, disinfects wounds, healing.
    • Chamomile - joint pain and arthritis, inflammation.
    • Common Sage - pain and inflammation.
    • Rosemary - muscle stiffness, disinfection.
    • Pot Marigold - rheumatism, muscle and joint pain.

    Aqua, Isopropyl Myristate, Polyglyceryl - 3 Stearate / Citrate, Glycerin, Aloe Vera Gel, Cetyl Alcohol, Calendula Officinalis Oil, Ichtiol, Benzyl Alcohol, Pinus Sylvestris Extract, Xanthan Gum, Arnica Montana Extract, Communis Oil, Lavandula Officinalis Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Oil, Salvia Officinalis Oil, Thymus Vulgaris Oil, Chamomilla Recutita Oil, Citric Acid.

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    When suffering from seborrhea in the hair and scalp area, turn to our 2in1 Shower Gel and Shampoo. It is suitable for use on the scalp as well as the whole body. Psorisoft contains herbal extracts from Nettle, Marigold, and Yarrow. These extracts are famous for their anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties which are essential in treating seborrhea.

    For even more effective help, try our 30 day cure Vitasoft- an essential combination of vitamins, extracts and oils for fragile, sensitive skin.

    An effective alternative beneficial for skin affected by seborrheic dermatitis is a combination of A/D vitamins for healthy and beautiful skin, hair, and nails.

Psorisoft for seborrhea 250 ml

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