Ointment for meniscus pain - Salikort balsam 250 ml

Salikort balsam blends powerful and proven herbal extracts to help get pain under control, reduce inflammation, and relieve swelling.

Herbal extracts from white willow bark, arnica and camphor create a rich combination that makes up the unique formula of Salikort balsam- effective help for anyone experiencing meniscus problems.

Salikort therapy is non-invasive, safe, natural, and full of herbal extracts. Herbal Salikort balsam is paraben-free and doesn’t contain artificial colourants or perfumes.

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Balsam for meniscus pain: Salikort balsam

Don’t wait until you need a knee surgery followed by long therapy hours. Physical therapy is time-consuming and will take away time from you that you could spend otherwise moving around. Approach meniscus trouble differently - with effective natural extracts present in the Salikort balsam.

  • natural help for damaged meniscus
  • Results achieved thanks to 16 herbal extracts
  • Contains natural anti-inflammatory extracts from willow bark and camphor
  • Without chemicals such as parabens, artificial colourants or perfumes
  • Popular for post-injury and wound recovery

Simple way to relieve pain and swelling from nature’s bosom

Salikort balsam is designed for use at times when your knee pain demands relief and injured meniscus needs healing. HillVital specialists have combined strong herbal extracts and created a unique recipe of 14 natural ingredients. The balsam’s anti-inflammatory effects are achieved thanks to precious extracts from willow bark, camphor and horse chestnut which helps relieve swelling.

Relaxing therapy starts with cooling the affected area immediately after application. After that, Salikort works on achieving desired results and has a record of more than 90% customer satisfaction. Join us!

Direct application with fast absorption

Apply Salikort balsam on all the affected areas where you experience pain or unpleasant feelings. Pleasant herbal smell of the balsam will not be the only thing that will surprise you. Smooth texture is easily applicable and absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving oily residue. We all don’t want to burden our body with substances that cause side effects. Salikort’s composition doesn’t contain any harmful additives.

Expert advice:

“The best way to treat meniscus pain is applying ice on the affected area and then applying Salikort balsam. Your pain will subside and you will experience pleasant feelings of relief.” Balsam can be used for gentle massage that can speed up pain relief."

Meniscus therapy requires a restful state. If possible, do not put too much pressure on your knee. Walking and bending the knee creates pressure on the torn meniscus and prevents healing. The best solution would be to completely immobilize the knee.

Don’t wait! Get your knee moving with Salikort balsam.

  • Usage and Active Ingredients

    Herbs Used in Our Products

    • Aloe Vera - anti-inflammatory and healing effects, pain relief.
    • Eucalyptus - powerful antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-staphylococcal effects. Healing and regenerative effects.
    • Scotch Pine - disinfecting effects, rheumatic disorders, and pain.
    • Pot Marigold - speeds up the recovery of poorly healing wounds, softens and soothes irritated skin.
    • Chamomile - Helps healing, inflammatory diseases, sore throat.
    • Turmeric - anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, for healing.
    • Lavender - pain relief, migraine relief, headaches.
    • Camphor - for inflammation, antiseptic effects, rheumatism.
    • Mint - headaches, nervous system support, inflammation.
    • Arnica montana - bruises, swelling, thrombosis.
    • Cloves - for a toothache, antibacterial effects.
    • Rosemary - blood circulation, rheumatism, support of the nervous system.
    • Juniper - strong disinfecting effect, boosts metabolism.
    • Thyme - heals infectious diseases, anti-inflammatory effect.

    Aqua, isopropyl myristate, polyglyceryl - 3 stearate / Citrate, Glycerol, AesculusHippocastanumExtract, Aloe Vera Gel, CetylAlcohol, CalendulaOfficinalisOil, Benzylalcohol, PinusSylvestrisExtract, menthol, camphor, XanthanGum, Arnica Montana Extract, ChamomillaRecututaExtract, RosmarinusOfficinalisOil, JuniperusCommunisOil, ThymusVulgarisOil, EucalyptusGlobulusOil, LavandulaOfficinalisOil, CurcumaeRhizoma , SyzgiumAromaticumOil, Citric Acid.

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Ointment for meniscus pain - Salikort balsam 250 ml

Ex Tax: £25.13
Delivery time: 2-4 Working days
Order before 14:00 and your order will be shipped today. Delivery by courier: £0,00
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