The word kyphosis has two meanings. It indicates normal back rounding but also abnormal rounding of the upper back.

The condition is sometimes known as “roundback.” This change can in more severe cases cause pain, numbness of back, arms and legs. Long-term negligence of the treatment leads to pressure developed on internal organs that can lead to organ misplacement (lungs, heart, veins).


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Alternative ways to alleviate pain

Kyphosis treatment depends on various factors. It starts with the age of the patient. Young age allows for different rehabilitation methods that could reverse kyphosis. If the patient is older, all that is left is alleviating pain. HillVital has been founded with this goal in mind. Master Balsam formula has been proven over the years to be very effective.

Master balsam

Application of Master Balsam has proven to be an effective means and aid in relieving muscle and joint pain. Various parts of the musculoskeletal system can be relieved of unpleasant physical conditions by using this natural preparation.

What you should know about Master Balsam:

  • It is a purely natural product.
  • It doesn’t contain any preservatives, chemical additives and such.
  • It consists of 12 healing herbs.

Natural formula has been developed to bring customers relief from muscle and joint pain.

Different herbal extracts create cooling sensations which help relieve muscle tension and stiffness.

Kapsamax balsam

An herbal product aims to stifle unpleasant pain. The herbal composition differs from Master balsam. Kapsamax contains herbs specifically chosen to target different types of muscle pain and muscle tension than those of a Master balsam.

The main benefits of the balsam are:

  • Natural composition free from harmful chemicals.
  • Contains an extract from chili peppers, so-called capsaicin.
  • Capsaicin is very useful in relieving symptoms of paresthesia (tingling, numbness…) in different areas of the back.
  • Can eliminate feelings of muscle stiffness.
  • Kapsamax brings warming sensations to the affected area.
  • Improves blood flow.


Another product worth paying attention to is a vitamin supplement Vitago. It contains herbs, vitamins, and ingredients that bring support, regeneration, and recovery of weak and worn-out muscles and joints. Vitamin pack contains 30 sachets that make it for a one-month-long treatment. Regular use of the product brings expected positive results.

Some substances present in this product, such as chondroprotective, chondroitin, and glucosamine, need some time for their real strength to be fully reflected.

Tea Go

Tea Go can be as helpful as the previous three products. The herbal blend contains white willow bark which can have analgesic effects on back, muscle and joint pain. Similarly, other herbal extracts of Angelica, Meadowsweet, and Nettle can have many benefits on your joints and muscles.

Kyphosis symptoms

“Roundback” usually doesn’t go unnoticed, and one would think it would be easy for a specialist to come up with a diagnosis. It is not that simple, however. When dealing with kyphosis, it is of utmost importance that one catches the little changes in the spine soon after they happen when they are not yet visible.

In the stage where the person already has a bigger or smaller “hunch,” it is too late to have exercises or different posture reverse kyphosis.

The main symptoms of kyphosis include posture anomalies.

The primary symptoms of kyphosis include some deviations from the normal posture. These are shoulders positioned slightly in the front, head tilted towards the front, sunken chest and protruding shoulder blades.

Parents of teenagers should be particularly watching for these symptoms as their kids are going through puberty and hormonal changes and are at risk of developing kyphosis.

Other symptoms include back pain, back, arm, and leg numbness. Sometimes a person can experience tension in the hamstrings. Symptoms such as fever or respiratory problems should prompt us to visit a specialist.

More severe stages of kyphosis can bring about digestive problems.

It’s crucial to identify kyphosis at the right time. Doctors and specialists test the patient’s posture, the shape of the spine during different movements.

To obtain the most accurate picture of the condition of the spine, modern imaging methods are used that can detect even small, initial changes in vertebral and spinal forms. They have a choice of X-ray, computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The causes of kyphosis in children

The term kyphosis refers to the natural curvature of the thoracic and sacral (cross) region of the spine towards the back. It also refers to abnormal deformation of the thoracic part of the back, which most commonly affects the 6th to 8th thoracic vertebra.

The groups most affected by these deformations include teenagers and preteens who can develop a so-called juvenile kyphosis known as Scheuermann disease. This is commonly seen in boys, and the causes are unknown. It is widely believed that vitamin D insufficiency, rapid growth in puberty, and genetic predispositions play a significant role in boys developing kyphosis.

Congenital disorders of the spine may also be a cause of kyphosis. If the individual vertebrae and parts of the spine have not developed sufficiently in the prenatal period, the spine skeleton may form into a “round back” shape at birth.

Kyphosis may also be due to hereditary syndromes occurring in childhood, e.g., Marfan syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

The cause of kyphosis in adults

Usually, we get this picture of a person with a “round back” when we think of middle-aged women. In this case, the cause of kyphosis is osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis, ie, thinning, weakening of the bone, causes microfractures and damage to the thoracic vertebrae, which is ultimately the reason for changes in the shape of the spine.

Kyphosis can also be caused by vertebral fractures resulting from various accidents and injuries that can affect a person at any age.

Another cause of kyphosis is degenerative disc changes. Intervertebral discs are subject to different kinds of changes. Discs with increasing age dry out and shrink, which can lead to kyphotic changes in the shape of the spine.

How to get rid of kyphosis in children

The method of treatment depends on several factors such as the patient's age, the causes, and consequences of kyphotic curvature of the spine.

Attempts to eliminate kyphosis in children aim at correcting the posture. We recommend various strength exercises. It’s crucial to strengthen back muscles so that they can adequately support the spine and allow for movement. It is smart to also incorporate regular exercise under the supervision of an experienced trainer into the routine.

At an early age, various orthopedic corsets can be used to stabilize the spine in the correct position and shape. Corsets also help the spine muscles to support its movements. Orthopedic corsets are intended mainly for children and youth in the process of growth. These devices are not an effective and appropriate treatment for adults.

Kyphosis treatment in adults

Adults that suffer from “roundback” should mainly focus on eliminating symptoms such as back pain and trepidation. If a person has osteoporosis which causes the changes in the shape of the spine, it is necessary to intake sufficient amount of calcium and other substances to help reduce its full effects.

You can help prevent bone loss by eliminating tobacco and alcohol consumption. On the other hand, please increase your intake of calcium and vitamin D.

Adults should also exercise and work on strengthening the back muscles. If the kyphotic changes are already fixed; however, exercise will not bring you relief and might bring pain.