Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Carpal tunnel, causes and treatment

The Carpal Tunnel is a well-known term for anyone who is experiencing numbness, tingling or a burning feeling in their hand. These symptoms can intensify in the evening and overnight and even cause sleepless nights.

If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, we recommend using our natural Salikort balsam which contains a high concentration of effective herbal extracts to treat inflammation, act as an analgesic, relieve swelling and improve mobility.

The Salikort balsam contains potent extracts of medicinal herbs that alleviate symptoms caused by carpal tunnel. The Salikort balsam is made from 14 healing herbs for maximum pain relief, regeneration and cellular rejuvenation.

All of these exceptional qualities are especially effective at treating Carpal Tunnel syndrome symptoms.

Instruction for use: Apply at least 3 times a day, massage until fully absorbed. It is also advisable to immobilise the hand using a splint.

Volume: 250 ml

Unhealthy stereotype

The Carpal tunnel (or Carpal Tunnel syndrome) is one of the most common hand disorders. Carpal tunnel is caused by forceful and repetitive movements of the hand and wrist, often affecting people who perform repetitive hand and wrist work on a day-to-day basis.

Carpal tunnel is also commonly experienced by people who work on a computer for several hours a day, as well as passionate gardeners, bodybuilders and cyclists.

Anatomy of Carpal Tunnel

The carpal tunnel is a narrow compartment at the base of the palm, which is surrounded on three sides by the carpal bones and on the fourth side by ligaments. Nine tendons and the median nerve pass through the Carpal tunnel. The median nerve conveys information in the form of impulses from the central nervous system to the hand.

When tendons are injured or swollen, this reduces the space in the carpal tunnel, causing compression of the median nerve. Compression and irritation of the median nerve cause pain, numbness, tingling, weakness and other typical signs and symptoms.

Tip: It is important to try to implement a relaxing regime in the early stages of carpal tunnel, as well as applying natural products that reduce inflammation, and relieve swelling and pain. Immobilise your hands with a splint during the day or at least at night. Do not use heat compresses or heat creams as these may worsen carpal tunnel symptoms.

Potent medicinal herbs that may help to ease carpal tunnel problems:

Turmeric – pain relief, anti-inflammatory

Aloe Vera - anti-inflammatory effects, ease pain, healing effects,

Arnica – anti-inflammatory, disinfectant

Eucalyptus - antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects,

Thyme – pain relief, disinfects

Chamomile - disinfecting, antibacterial, swelling

Pot Marigold - anti-inflammatory effects,

Mint - relieves pain, anti-inflammatory

Alleviates carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms
Improves mobility, suitable for inflammatory problems
Uses herbs suppress inflammation and support cell regeneration
Does not cause harmful side-effects or contain toxic substances.

Salikort balsam contains a special blend of herbs and White willow bark. White willow bark has been used for centuries because of its extraordinary effects. The main component of White Willow bark is salicylic acid, which naturally works to relieve:
headaches (migraines),
carpal tunnel,
injury pain, fracture, bruises,
muscle and joint overloads,
post-injury swelling or fractures

Reiter syndrome.

Aloe Vera - anti-inflammatory and healing effects, pain relief.
Eucalyptus - powerful antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-staphylococcal effects. Healing and regenerative effects.
Scotch Pine - disinfecting effects, rheumatic disorders and pain.
Menthol - for infections and pain.
Pot Marigold - poorly healing wounds, softens and soothes irritated skin.
Chamomile - Helps healing, inflammatory diseases, sore throat.
Turmeric - anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, for healing.
Lavender - pain relief, migraine relief, headaches.
Camphor - for inflammation, antiseptic effects, rheumatism.
Mint - headaches, nervous system support, inflammation.
Arnica - bruises, swelling, thrombosis.
Cloves - for a toothache, antibacterial effects.
Rosemary - blood circulation, rheumatism, support of the nervous system.
Juniper - strong disinfecting effect, boosts metabolism.
Thyme - in infectious diseases, anti-inflammatory effect.

Packaging: Salikort - menthol cream - for carpal tunnel 250 ml

Aqua, isopropyl myristate, polyglyceryl - 3 stearate / Citrate, Glycerol, AesculusHippocastanumExtract, Aloe Vera Gel, CetylAlcohol, CalendulaOfficinalisOil, Benzylalcohol, PinusSylvestrisExtract, menthol, camphor, XanthanGum, Arnica Montana Extract, ChamomillaRecututaExtract, RosmarinusOfficinalisOil, JuniperusCommunisOil, ThymusVulgarisOil, EucalyptusGlobulusOil, LavandulaOfficinalisOil, CurcumaeRhizoma , SyzgiumAromaticumOil, Citric Acid


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