HillVital Philosophy

HillVital Philosophy

From information technologies to medicinal herbs.

If someone told us four years ago that we would be giving up information technology, and over the years we would become one of the greatest fighters for natural health and culture of medicinal herbs, we would not have believed it!


There are thousands of people today who follow us and have the same vision as us. They believe that health is simple, not complicated. The most important thing is that we agree that the key to human health is the true power of nature. Nature is what regenerates, cares and works.

It was not always like this.

It is hard to imagine that, some time ago, a team of computer scientists, programmers and a real estate agent developed our HillVital Master Balsam.

It was very hard for us to survive the following month. We invested our last savings into production and after the hard work and many sleepless nights we managed to ship our first production of Master Balsam.

Miracles do exist.

It was almost unbelievable, but only two weeks later, we received our first appreciation letters and we were overwhelmed with your calls. The mysterious lasting pain was gone, we solved the unsolvable problems from one day to another, we threw away crutches, etc. Later, family members, friends, acquaintances came forward. Our customers thanked us and placed new orders. We used to be on the brink of bankruptcy, but now our little team has begun to grow.

It's a miracle ... but why? How is it possible? What happened?

We searched for answers.

Success did not last long. The initial boom has brought further complications. At the doorstep of new "doctors", who did not even properly understand how our balsam worked, were people with thousands of questions. What kind of medicinal plant do you recommend for this problem? Which solution is best for this and that? What else do you know? What would they say and how would they react, if we told the bare truth, that these "experts" know almost nothing? Expert advice was desperately needed as soon as possible.

There is no explanation, according to science.

In our despair, we looked around who could explain what have happened. We visited Semmelweis University - Institute of Pharmacology, which readily and thoroughly evaluated the composition of the balsam. Finally, it has been discovered that the secret of balsam is that it is "too innovative", that it contains too many ingredients, so they can not exactly say what gives it these unexpected mind-blowing results. Then we turned to authorities who examined our balsam in terms of legislation for medicinal plants, and they said that our balsam is "mostly developed according to "Folk Healing" and less on the basis of the science of medicinal plants". In short, our balsam cannot be explained by science alone. The question remains unchanged: why does it work? What's the secret?

The secret is that there's no secret.

We had to accept the fact that we would have to discover the reason of our extraordinary success ourselves...

Of course, as computer scientists, we had no chance to get to this point on our own. It was necessary to invite experts to the research team, including a doctoral researcher, alternative practitioner, and achemical engineer. A small group of experts came to explain the cause of extraordinary effects.

Three years of intensive research and development have led to identification of the success. We found three main factors responsible for incredible results, but one played a crucial role. First, we discovered the law of synergy, which means that more herbs have a stronger effect. The second factor was the correct ratio of the different ingredients (oils, powders, extracts), but that was still not enough.

Finally we found the most important part.
The last essential ingredient was The Nature!

It turned out that the secret is simple. The ingredients of the balsam are so effective because they occur in nature. We really did not expect it. It turned out that there was no secret. There is no secret ingredient, neither secret recipe, it is nothing special or complicated. Just nature. And it seems that nothing else is needed.

A culture is born

What is HillVital?

HillVital is a desire to get to know and exploit the real potential of nature and make it available to others. Why? Because nature is what works. You instinctively feel that natural things are the best (and not only when it comes to health). This shows that we have not developed and released anything new, but more and more people follow and join us.

It's still a long way, but it's worth it to go further!