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Sales Partner is a legal business person or entity, preferably with background in online retail, who will take care of local agenda associated with selling HillVital products.


  • proven concept
  • very low business entry costs
  • simple and quick start
  • fast progress
  • marketing provided from HillVital headquarters low business risk
  • only one area developer for each country


+94%customer satisfaction
+40%customers shop regularly
€28average first time order value
€56average recurring order value
<1.5%returns & complains
80%average annual growth
€135.000average annual online B2C sales per 1 million people

A trend of natural cosmetics is becoming very popular across continents. The market potential is very large and is getting even bigger as more consumers increasingly prefer healthy and natural products!


According to archaeological findings, humans have been using herbs for thousands of years. They used them to fight illnesses, pains or to keep themselves in good condition. At HillVital, we see the strength of herbs and their potential for solving health problems and for that reason we focus on natural treatment.

HillVital products are packed with the power of nature. We produce and sell products made from herbal extracts; products that can win over many human diseases and act as a prevention in the meantime.

We offer herbal solutions to the following health issues:

gout, back pain, rheumatism, eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, joint pain, haemorrhoids, carpal tunnel...

Our recipes are a combination of traditional medicine and the latest scientific discoveries.

All ingredients are carefully consulted with natural healing professionals, dermatologists and cosmetics experts.

We take care of the herbs and collect them at the right time when they have the greatest strength. We are proud of the fact that our products do not contain the least harmful additives, artificial dyes or petroleum derivatives. And of course, our products are not tested on animals!

People worldwide are living longer. The pace of aging is much faster than in the past. By 2050, the world’s population aged 60 years and older is expected to total 2 billion. It’s not a secret that world population is getting older and health problems are getting bigger.

As a result, people are looking for ways how to heal themselves. In 2017, total global spending on medicine was 1.1 trilion USD. It is estimated that by 2022 the pharmaceutical market will increase to over 1.4 trillion USD. It is worth mentioning that more and more people nowadays look for natural treatments.

HillVital customer satisfaction has for years remained at 94% with more than 40% of customers being repeated and regular shoppers. HillVital products are used by a wide range of customers, but most people are aged over 45.

HillVital is getting more sales and is constantly developing new products. We have established a well- defined position within the natural healthy cosmetics segment. Thanks to our products, we are an important player in every market we enter.


It is all about the product

It’s becoming essential to provide customers with real value because given the demand for online space today, digital marketing is gradually losing its effectiveness. HillVital offers and delivers value. Our evidence is a high percentage of recurring and regular customers who make up up to 40%. Another proof of quality is the very low percentage of dissatisfied customers, which has been below 1.5% for a long time.

Classic marketing doesn't work

Times when you could scream anything into the world and the market accepted it are long gone. The customer has more power than ever before. Modern communication tools allow him to influence the opinions of others and even destroy the company. We consider making noise around us a waste of time and instead focus on adding value and quality.

Competition is for losers

We are not concerned about competition. Yes, we do monitor the market and upcoming trends, but keep doing things our way, standing behind our philosophy and approaching customers in a personal way. This has allowed us to effectively move forward without worrying much about the competition.

Value > Fame

By always focusing on long-term goals, we always win over those who think short-term. We market and present our products to customers with regard to quality and value; we do not create any owerblown campaigns or statements; we focus on gradual organic growth in every market. In our opinion, the most effective marketing is done by our satisfied customers. That’s where you find the greatest and most sustainable value.

Focus > Diversification

From the perspective of work efficiency and investment, it is important to focus on specific goals and not become distracted. At HillVital, we consider this approach of utmost importance. We focus on specific areas of human health, in which we want to achieve the best results and dominate the sector.

The same applies to marketing. Based on measurements and with long-term goals in mind, we continue to focus our efforts on SEO and paid marketing in online search engine platforms - Google primarily. Other channels do not show enough efficiency for us to waste our time on.

Business scale

Looking at the most successful people on the planet, you can see that they haven’t achieved their success and position overnight. Quite the opposite actually; there are years of hustle, saying no and confidence in one’s abilities standing behind success. Here at HillVital, we agree that there isn’t another way to success other than never giving up, always developing, learning and believing. Success will find you on the road.

System and science

There is a simple rule in business; you aren’t able to control what you can't measure! At HillVital we promote a strong analytical approach and in-depth research. We apply it in both development and sales and marketing. Our achieved results prove it’s worth it.


If you have business experience in the e-commerce sector, if you love to sell and if you believe in offering the best possible customer service, HillVital is for you. A relationship with you, as an area developer could be described as a business marriage in which both companies work in close cooperation.

We will provide you with a turnkey solution and assist you in every step of the business. We provide online B2C e-commerce platform and digital marketing and share our expertise and know-how.

The verified online store layout is an important part of the customer experience and determines perception of HillVital products and whether he or she decides to make a purchase.

You will be a part of a fast growing family with experienced professionals from all required professions.


  • online business experience
  • passion for sales
  • entrepreneurial mindset
  • energy, perseverance and optimism willingness to personally devote efforts to HillVital brand
  • eagerness to learn


  • representation by a local company or as a self-employed person
  • user experience
  • payments processing
  • customer support copywriting and translations


The retail world is changing and developing very fast. We are convinced that successful future lies in direct B2C sales without intermediaries in the distribution chain. It is also why we don't operate in a standard producer-distributor relationship.

In deep cooperation with area developers, we sell directly to the end-consumers via online B2C platform. It is also the most sustainable model while experiencing extreme price pressure.

When starting our cooperation with you, we first build an online shop fit to your market. HillVital’s online shops are built to ensure that the Hillvital brand is effectively and uniformly presented to customers across all markets.

An easily recognisable look of online shop creates visibility and contributes to increasing awareness of the HillVital brand. Shops are created according to the same needs, but with regard to the specifics of the local market.

You, as our area developer will receive all the support needed to operate a HillVital online shop. We will strongly support you throughout your career as a HillVital area developer, because it is our mutual goal to create successful business.

Sales partner will get strong sales support directly from the HillVital headquarters:

  • e-commerce website development marketing strategy
  • local web hosting and branded domain names
  • performance marketing
  • social media marketing
  • SEO optimisation
  • fulfilment - goods storage, executing customer orders, packing, shipping global know-how
  • fast, flexible and professional access in every area of our business
  • partner's support
  • shared know-how

We offer a validated business formula. HillVital’s sales model is a verified and successful concept in many markets.


...onboarding... up to 6 weeks


E-commerce platform
IT works
Local hosting

Sales partner

Translations & copywriting
User experience

...pre-launch... within 1 week



Sales partner


...daily sales agenda...


Performance marketing
Search engine optimisation
Social media marketing
Website updates

Sales partner

Customer support
Payments processing
Translations & copywriting


Interested in the cooperation? Contact us and we will be happy to go over all the details with you.

Phone contact: +49 30 3080 8238

We are ready to build next successful branch with you!

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