Enthesopathy - “Achilles heel”, “tennis elbow”...

Enthesopathy is a relatively common condition with which patients come to an orthopaedist. Medical term enthesis, comes from greek and identifies a place or tissue that connects the tendon and ligaments with the bone.

An English word for this is insertion. Similar to other parts of the musculoskeletal system, insertions are also affected by deformations, pathological processes and changes.


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Herbs that help...

Wisdom of herbal medicine still has a lot to offer to many people struggling to deal with the ever present pain. We are pleased that many satisfied customers have found their way to purely natural products and appreciate the ancient wisdom of herbalists.

Salikort balsam

Salikort balsam is a purely natural product making it a great choice for relieving pain caused by enthesopathy. Hand-picked and carefully processed medicinal herbs are among the best in phytotherapy.

The active interaction of the herbs present in the balsam brings healing effects to the affected areas. In short, we can summarize the benefits of Salikort in a couple of main points:

  • Herbal blend of 14 healing herbs.
  • Active ingredients in the balsam help stifle pain, relieve inflammation and swelling.
  • Supports regeneration of overloaded muscles.
  • The presence of eucalyptus and mint brings pleasant cooling effects.
  • Cooling effects bring feelings of relief and relaxation.
  • Balsam brings healing to damaged tissues.


HillVital portfolio contains various complementary products formulated to strengthen the muscles and overall musculoskeletal system. Vitago is a vitamin supplement that helps maintain muscle functionality and joint and muscle elasticity. Vitago is also helpful in providing regeneration.

Tea Go

Tea Go is a similar product with a primary goal to provide regeneration and relief to muscles, tendons, and joints, keep them elastic, and mobile and prevent them from a fast and progressive overuse.

Causes and factors of enthesopathy

The most known enthesopathies are tennis elbow and Achilles tendon injury. Enthesopathy can, however affect other places as well. The term ‘tennis elbow’ is a recent phenomena.

At the end of the 19th century, when this diagnosis was first described by doctor Runge, it was referred to as "scribe pain". Today we would call it an occupational disease.

The cause of enthesopathy is excessive or long-term overload of individual insertions. This fact has been proven by many cases involving the athletes (soccer players, basketball players, runners, tennis players, golfers and such.), musicians (especially those playing the string instruments) or manual workers.

Another cause closely associated with a long-term overload is painful injuries and microtrauma of tendon insertions.

Enthesopathy can also have a non-mechanical cause. Inflammation is often the reason for developing enthesopathy. Auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis or gout not only cause inflammation of joints but also of tendon insertions - enthesopathy.

Enthesopathy can also develop due to genetic predispositions.

Enthesopathy symptoms

The main symptom of enthesopathy is pain of different intensity. Pain is localized in the area of a damaged tendon-to-bone insertion. These areas if damaged or inflamed are sensitive to touch.

In the early stages or in case of a less serious injury, the pain can be bearable and does not restrict the mobility of a limb. Such stages might not last long. Worsening or intensifying of the pain can come out of the blue and can substantially prevent us from going out and about.

Further enthesopathy symptoms:

  • Pain in the insertion area
  • Numbness in the area
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Redness

Enthesopathy types

There are different types of enthesopathy based on the area affected. The most common injuries and inflammatory enthesopathies happen in the knee, elbow, ankle, shoulder area. Based on the area affected, we know:

  • Achilles tendon enthesopathy
  • Knee enthesopathy
  • Hip enthesopathy
  • Foot enthesopathy
  • Elbow enthesopathy


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